Hey all you LOVELY PEOPLE! I’m ALY!

I am 27 years old from Eureka, California – Nor (Nor) Cal – with my current mainstay in San Diego, California.

I am the epitome of a “California Girl” – I grew up (first 18 years of my life to be exact) in Northern California, attended college at Cal Poly (the real one in SLO) in Central California, and now reside in beautiful sunny Southern California. I have never lived more than 20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean!

When I am not working my full-time grind as the Quality Manager for an Engineering firm, I am out and about saying yes!

I am obsessed with being outdoors (constantly hunting for waterfalls), my favorite colors are seafoam green and orange (not kidding), I shoot the majority of my photos with a Pentax (that’s right – Pentax is still around!), I am a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fan (please don’t hate me – Phil Kessel is my favorite player), and I am a Gemini to the core (curious, adaptable, and indecisive might as well be my middle names)!


To summarize me is pretty simple: I say yes every day to experiences, adventures, home life activities, and off the wall ideas that bring me peace of mind, joy, happiness, tranquility, meaning… anything that fulfills my life in a positive way.

Let’s get in touch!

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The world is your oyster! It’s anything you want it to be, and it’s screaming, “Please say yes and experience me!” I hope you do as I do, and respond back, “Oh, you know it!”

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