NYC Idiotarod – Shopping Cart Race Circus Train Style

New York City Idiotarod!

I want you to think outside of the box when you think of New York City!

When you think of New York City, I’m sure you instantly think of the Yankees, Rangers, Giants, Knicks… Maybe you’re not a sports fan so instead you think of Broadway Shows, Times Square, Central Park, Wall Street…

Maybe you loathe or at least have a strong dislike for the crowds, congestion, and inconsiderate people that accompany tourist traps. Well I’m exactly like you!

When you think of New York City, I want you to start thinking of experiences like the Idiotarod!

idiotarod 2
Caitlin Racing Through the Streets of Brooklyn in Her Badass Clown Costume.

So, what is the Idiotarod?

According to Wikipedia, the Idiotarod is a shopping cart race in which teams of five “idiots” tie themselves to a slightly modified grocery store shopping cart and run through the streets of a major metropolitan area.

Each year is a new route, with new bars, and a new theme! No one gets informed of the actual route until right before the race begins, and awards are given out at the finish line for Best in Show, Best Design, and more.

Brooklyn Here We Come – Idiotarod Circus Style!

This year my friends and I outdid ourselves! Instead of having just one cart, we dressed up four carts to create a circus train.

And you can’t have a circus train without a circus: a lion, bear, elephant, strongman, tarot card reader, knife thrower, tightrope artist, conductor, and most importantly, clowns! I’m the awesome blue one with the sickest hot pink wig ever.

idiotarod 1
Circus Train Idiotarod!

It’s good to be the Clown

At each bar there are various challenges for all racers, along with interactive elements for each group.

If you’ve ever been one to fear clowns, I can tell you how to tame them in an instant: bond them and feed them strawberries. Special thanks to Bondage Brunch for the lovely memories!

idiotarod 3
Caitlin Being Fed a Strawberry by the Bondage Brunch.

You can find my Forum Novelties Big Top Clown Teen Costume here if you’re looking to clown it up in the future, and for sure don’t forget the awesome pink wig!

This Idiotarod Circus Train is…

All of our hard efforts were not in vain either!

We ran through the streets of Brooklyn…

We bar hopped like professionals…

We drank our weight in beer / liquor / wine…

We took all our challenges in great stride with fierce competition in our eyes…

We were even bondaged and fed strawberries – at least I was!

And through the completion of all these obstacles our awesome circus train was awarded Best in Show!

idiotarod 4
This Idiotarod Circus Train Won Best in Show!

Put the Idiotarod in your Memory Bank

This city, as well as many others, is full of quirky, fun, and out of the box opportunities!

Even if we hadn’t won, which I’m stoked we did, the Idiotarod will forever be one of my favorite NYC just say yes experiences.

I challenge you to step away from the congested tourist traps, and get yourself a shopping cart to race. You won’t be sorry.

Reminder to Just Say Yes!

And, more importantly as always, say yes to experiences that present themselves to you! Life is full of fun and wonder – don’t be stuck at home wondering what life could be like, should be like, would be like… drop that nonsense! Get out there, say yes, and never look back!

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As a disclaimer, I was not paid by any of the above linked sites. This review is solely mine without any monetary compensation.

However, I will receive a small kickback from Amazon if you decide to purchase your clown costume and wig by following the links above!

One thought on “NYC Idiotarod – Shopping Cart Race Circus Train Style

  1. This looks like so much fun – an interesting take on the traditional pub crawl! At University we have a caterpillar crawl where you dress up in a green top and black trousers and have to form a line, like a caterpillar. It’s so much fun! x

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